Less Than Three

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Over the years, I've learned that the 14th of February is more than just a day for couples. For many years, I dreaded this holiday for reasons you can probably guess. Along with bad experiences, came learning opportunities. In my teen years, as I was too consumed in envying girls who had boyfriends during a time which Valentine's Day fell, I neglected to notice all of the love I was getting from my friends and family.

Last year was a hard year to get through, and I only have my friends (both real life and blog world) to thank for the sanity I have today. So, please don't feel sad if you don't have a significant other to celebrate the evening with, because there is so much love around you already. :)

That said, here are 11 songs for every type of love. Listen to them, dance around, and have a FANTASTIC MONDAY! Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all!

1. 'What A Wonderful World' Louis Armstrong
2. 'Catch Me' Demi Lovato
3. 'Enchanted' Taylor Swift
4. 'In This Diary' The Ataris
5. 'Dance Forever' Allstar Weekend
6. 'With Me' Sum 41
7. 'Friday I'm In Love' The Cure
8. 'You've Got A Friend' James Taylor
9. 'Always Love' Nada Surf
10. 'Falling For You' Colbie Calliat
11. 'Single Girls' Laura Jansen <-- my new favorite!

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Justine said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I'll be your Valentine ;)

Just Better Together

AllyM said...

I love this! Spending valentines with 30 3rd graders, is the way to celebrate though!

Laurita P said...

truth! this year i'm celebrating with friends :)


Alex said...

I love this, and I love that song Single Girls by Laura Jansen!
Happy Valentine's Day!

la mì said...

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Glamour Marmalade

Anonymous said...

I've always been impartial to V-Day. I have a boyfriend, but we didn't do anything for Valentines Day. It's a good holiday for flowers and loveee - but I agree, it's not just for couples. It's for everyone!

xo Sherrie

aki! said...

I love my friends and family! I'm glad you see that it's not just about romantic love. =)

A bit late, but hope you had a good one!

Yours Truly said...

I love the song Catch me and falling for you!

but my FAVORITE thing to do on VDay is find awk couples!!


Alyssa May Edwards said...

Happy belated Valentines Day! I need to check out all those songs! ♥