For Japan

In times of hardship, we must stick together. I will not be making any posts tomorrow to support the "Bloggers Day of Silence" for Japan. See this post by This Free Bird for more information on the day of silence, and how to donate.


Yours Truly said...

Thanks for this post, I love it :) My cousins live in Japan. They have since been forced to move locations and since it's been so hectic, one has come to the states for a while. It's HEARTBREAKING to hear story after story. I think everyday since it has happened we have the news on everyday to here the most recent things.

Have a great weekend girl!

Anonymous said...

we have so much to be grateful for living here in the US! i am glad to see that so many people like you care for those who are facing such heartache.

happy to see this post on here :)

SusyV90 said...

Oh, I want oxfords... I want them BAD!!
& floral is always in if you ask me!