Frizz Control For Less

I've never really been one to fuss over the texture of my hair... until I found out about these gems. In the order of their appearance, here is a little tidbit about each product.

1. Last summer, I got my hair deep conditioned at a salon. Sure, it was great to have someone wash, condition, and style my hair... but looking back, it definitely was not worth $20. Loreal's Eversleek deep conditioner gave me the same results the salon products did... for less than half the price. I purchased this at Target for ~$8. Tip: for those greasy-haired beauties, only apply to the "ponytail" part of your hair.

2. Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal is what I would call the cheaper version of Moroccan Oil. I've never used M.O., but I feel like this product would give you the same results: silky, shiny hair. I apply a very small amount to the bottom half of my hair when it's damp. This product was $24.

3. This last product is actually my roommate's. It's a knock-off of the infamous original CHI brand straightener. A couple of my friends own real CHIs, which I have tested out, and I would say that there is no difference when it comes to the Generic Value Product straightener. My roommate got this product from Sally Beauty Supply for $60. Way cheaper than a CHI!

Whoo hoo for good deals!

The little thing I am appreciating today: keeping in touch with friends you have known since kindergarten.
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J'aime Renee said...

I love MO, but have only used it in the salon when my stylist applies it. I have thought about purchasing it but have never been able to muster the will to spend the money on the tiny bottle. Thanks for your suggestion!! I will definitely be trying these out!

Yours Truly said...

thanks for the great tips! I Have never tried Moroccan Oil on my hair before, but always wanted to. Now I might just get this!! Also have you ever tried "Its a 10"? I use that every other day, and makes ALL the difference! Its around 20 for the big bottle.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

Oooo I need to try those products I'm always trying to keep my hair healthy! Andd I totally have that straightener in pink!:) I have had it for like 5 years and I love it!!!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

that is a great deal for product that works just as good

Eleanor said...

hiya! i havent spoken to you in a while! it's eleanor from 'thought is free' (
i deleted my blogspot because it just wasnt what i wanted it to be like and i started over with a tumblr>>>
dont worry im still reading your blog regularly :) loove all the posts! <3 xxxxxx

Laurita P said...

old friends are the best aren't they?!

Michelle said...

i so need new frizz cream!l ol