Neon Coral and Lavender Nails

Tonight, I had dinner with a few friends (something I should be doing more often). We laughed about all the stupid stuff we did in high school and the endless drama we endured. My BFF, who is home for his spring break, was able to be there as well. He baked us all the most AMAZING coconut cupcakes. I'll post pictures of them soon.

Aside from having dinner with friends on a more frequent basis, I realized a few other things I should be doing more often: procrastinating, wearing less makeup, having more confidence, being more assertive, and painting my nails like this:

nail art with bright colors, striped nails
This design was inspired by the WAH nails nail salon in London and the Victoria's Secret bandeau bikini top in Neon Coral/Lavender Zebra.

nail art with bright colors, striped nails

nail art with bright colors, striped nails
from left to right: LA Colors Nail Art Lacquer gifted from a friend //Love & Beauty in 'Lavender' via F21 $2.80 //Sinful Colors in 'Thimbleberry' via Walgreens $2.50

The little thing I am appreciating today: the first signs of spring.
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BeautyH2T said...

GORGEOUS! love them, what a good job- I could never do that, it is so neat. really love the colours :)

Silver Strands said...

CUTE! Very well done :)

Alyssa May Edwards said...

You are so talented for doing that! I can hardly paint my nails normally..haha but I'm getting better! I love it♥

aki! said...

I love that you introduced me to WAH Nails. Their stuff is great and inspirational. This is nice too. You're incredibly neat.

Laurita P said...

i love your nails, that color combo is so great!

Anonymous said...

your nails are so cute! they are making me crave for summer already (even though spring isn't even here yet...)

have a happy day :)

Brittany said...

Really awesome nails, such great colors too :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your posts!
- Michele!:D

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

jezmacmania said...

your nails are super cute!! love the design =D