Risk Taking


I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to the world of dating and guys. Up until this very moment, I believed that it was only appropriate for the guy to ask the girl out, rather than the other way around.

The inspiration for this post originated from my adoration for a guy I met at school. We had our last class together this past week. I walked out the door that day, knowing that I had let 6 months pass without even attempting to be his friend. I thought to myself: 'it's time to do something.'

After a great deal of encouragement from my friends, and lyrics from Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now', I decided to write him an email confessing everything I meant to say in person. At the end of my message, I asked him if he wanted to hang out. As I finished typing the last words, I immediately hit the 'send' button before I could change my mind. At this moment, I was feeling so... much... anxiety.

Sending that email went against all of my beliefs about being traditional. It was also one of the most bold things I had ever done. Aside from my friends, another driving force for this courageous act was the fact that I had nothing to lose.

You guys are probably wondering... WELL, WHAT HAPPENED? To answer that question: something great. He ended up writing a lengthy reply telling me how my message made his week (this brought me the most happiness), amongst other things. At the end, he said YES to hanging out. Mission accomplished.

What he will never know is that his reply made my entire year. I hope my story inspired you (even if it's just a little) to go for what you want in life and as Taylor Swift would say, SPEAK NOW. Life is too short to let great opportunities pass you by. When you want something, make an effort to make it yours. Don't expect for things to come to you. Take action, and remember that nothing is ever a mistake; it is a lesson learned.

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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

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Alyssa May Edwards said...

This is sooooooo adorable!!! Yay! I hope everthing turns out wonderfully! ♥


AllyM said...

Please keep me posted. I gotta give you credit--thats a hard thing to do, but seriously what did you have to lose?
I bet he reads your blog:)

Melissa Stevens said...

Um wow that is super inspiring!!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did a brave thing there!
But I agree with you, there's nothing you have to lose, and I'd much rather regret thing I did than things I didn't do. This year I've taken her album as my motto -Speak Now- and things have been amazing for me!
Let us know if anything else happens... We all want to know what comes of this leap of faith! Have a great weekend!


Justine said...

is this the same boy you talked about earlier (like super long time ago?!)

YAY! I'm glad you made the move :)

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Mugdha said...

Aww, this is such a cute story! Good for you, girl! Can't wait to hear more about how it goes. :)

aki! said...

Aww. I hope hanging out is great too.

While I'm not a traditionalist in that boys must ask girls out... I can't seem to ask a boy out. When after a month of debating how I want to do it and planning a where, when, and how... I decide that I don't like them anymore. It's crazy.

Also, I passed on a Stylish Blogger Award to you. =)

Kelsey said...

Ally told me about this. I am SO proud of you. something i could never ever do!! congrats :) xoxo


KristiMcMurry said...

Somehow I missed this post! That's so wonderful :) I am off to finish reading the dos and don'ts you posted now!

Alice said...

This is the greatest post I've ever seen! Made my day, thank you!


Alice said...

This is the greatest post I've ever seen! Made my day, thank you!