The Taylor Files

Some of you may know about my unhealthy adoration for Taylor Swift. For those who don't, here is a taste of what my obsession is like: If I were to reveal the number of times I've listened to 'Back to December' (let alone all of her other songs), you probably wouldn't believe me/would think I was crazy.

Anyway, earlier today, I wanted to see if there was anything out there of hers that I had not listened to yet. I came across this YouTube video that had a list of over 100 unreleased songs. Can you say, 'jackpot'!?

image via WeHeartIt

I was able to find most of them on YouTube. Most of the sound clips are not of the best quality but are good enough to enjoy.

Here are a few high-quality ones:
Dark Blue Tennessee <--the pitch of her voice is altered in this one, but it's still amazing!
Missing You ft Tyler Hilton <--one of my favorites!

Old School Taylor
One Way Ticket

Oh, and for those who are interested, here is the link to Taylor's performance at Abbey Road. She does an alternate version of Fearless on her ukulele!


Eleanor said...

I SAW HER ON SUNDAY!! and, yes, she was amazing. i teared up (and felt like an idiot) during back to december! she was soo good live! enchanted was incredible! and she did the ukelele version of fearless too!! aaaah! she was soo good! <3 xxxxxx

Belle said...

She's so gorgeous. Love her music :) xx

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I'm going to have to check these out!!! ♥


Becca said...

love me some t-swift.

ben+alex said...

holy crap. 100 unreleased songs? that's insane. i am legitimately looking these up as SOON as i get home from school.

Mugdha said...

Oh man, what a talented gal!

Samantha said...

I love taylor too :)

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Anonymous said...

I adore and love Taylor Swift, too! And "Back to December" is one of my favorite songs from her new album (I practically squeal when it comes on the radio). And I'm forever jealous of her gorgeous, blond curly locks. Total hair envy.

- Sharon