F21 Do's and Don'ts

You are at the mall, and are in search of some good deals. What store does your inner fashion self naturally gravitate towards? Forever 21, of course! As college students, my friends and I are often looking to this store when it comes to saving money. However, all too often, the items we were once so excited to purchase, show their true colors after several washes and wears. By true colors, I mean... they fall apart. Whether it is a small tear or a deformity, having your clothes damaged (when they are fairly new) is no fun.

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My roommate found this article on the front page of Yahoo! yesterday. It explains what you should/shouldn't purchase from Forever 21. I'm hoping these wise words will serve as a useful guide for your next visit to the mall! Expect to save both money, and feeling disappointed from now on.



Justine said...

Thanks for sharing. Forever 21 is "cheap" (in both ways).

Just Better Together

Miranda said...

Thanks for sharing!!
I love Forever 21, but mostly just for weekend dresses and really trendy stuff that I know will be out of style next season.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love this!!! Gotta love F21! I actually used to work there! haha


Kinsey Michaels said...

these are great tips. MOST of my stuff from F21 lasts but i had a colorful top from there that faded tremendously from just a few washes, and a gem that fell out of a cocktail ring.
i try to hang dry all of my forever items so they don't shrink or decline in quality.

Alex said...

It's so true, but you can beat the price for the cute tops and accessories you find there! I feel like it's been so long since I've been there.. I guess that's a good thing, saving money!

Thanks for the idea, I think I'll post about all my great finds and for tips on how to successfully thrift store shop. My friends always ask me, so it's probably be helpful! :]