Fab Five

{fact: contrary to popular belief, there are, indeed, guys who will take the time to notice little things, such as a girl's nail polish}

As some of you may know, I have been slacking in making posts for this month. That said, I decided to make a "five things" post, as it will be the best way to summarize what I have been up to as of late.

1. My current favorite nail polish color: Conquistadorable Color by OPI
2. My current favorite outfit: top via Urban Outfitters, tank via Pac Sun, jeggings via Nordstrom Rack
3. My secret weapon for pretty hands and feet.
4. The new purse I got for my birthday!
5. The landscape I get to see and admire everyday.

{fact: a guy will never be too critical when it comes to what you wear around them, because more likely than not, they will assume that you know much more about the world of fashion than they do and trust that you know what you are doing}


Kelsey said...

okay. first. i love washington and the last photo makes me miss it. second. love the purse. and third. i need that polish! lovely post girlie!


AllyM said...

I love when you blog.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

Im in love with everything! I have been slacking too it feels like..oh well school is almost over! YES! I hope you are doing fabulous!


Kelly said...

Get it girl - I'm all about girls asking out boys. No use in waiting for them to come around - so glad to hear you had a happy ending to your spontaneous email :)