I'd Lie

Confession #439: Up until now, I have never referred to any guy as my "boyfriend". The main reason for this is my fear of getting burned after investing too much of myself into a relationship, and well, making the mistake of expecting too much reciprocation, too soon.

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Just recently, I came to realize that there is no point in doing as I have. As my wise-beyond-her-years roommate would say, "No matter what, you're going to get hurt, so you might as well give it your all." I couldn't agree with her more; not because of selfish reasons, but because the person on the other end of your relationship deserves it.

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Kelsey said...

mmk...Love this post. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I always look forward to your comments, they always make my day :) hope your day is wonderful!


Mugdha said...

Ooh ooooh! Is cute guy from before soon going to fall into this newly labeled category?! I'm excited you've made this change!

AllyM said...

You are my first favorite blog I ever found. I'm also probably too invested in your love life. please give us a little more details!!


Becca and Derek said...

First, could that be a prettier picture of Miss Swift?! Secondly, you are amazing! I feel like the blogging world needs the details?! Check out my give-a-way on my blog!