In The Trench


I have a confession to make. As a fashion blogger, I feel as though I am expected to dress well. That expectation is somewhat easy to live up to, since I enjoy putting together outfits that reflect my personal style. However, there are times where I slack and don't have any proper excuses to explain why. Someone who doesn't slack, though, is my mom. My parents came to visit me at school this weekend, and I was lucky enough to take a few snapshots of her outfit-of-the-day.

trench: DKNY via Nordstrom Rack //leggings: Macy's //boots: Macy's //necklace: Costco //ring: Boma

According to my roommate, for decades, the trench coat been a classic staple item for many women. It serves as the perfect light weight jacket to wear during those rainy days of April, as well as the sunny days that arrive in the preceding months.


AllyM said...

I need a trench coat! Don't you love spending time with your parents? I loved reading all your posts from last week!!! 2 more months and your done with college--soak it up and have a blast because I already miss it!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I love that coat. It is so classic! Your mom has great taste!

Marie said...

She looks fabulous! All black is always perfection. My mom is EXACTLY the same way, she's constantly inspiring me to always look chic. I swear she neverrrrrr has an off day!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Alyssa May Edwards said...

She looks gorgeous! Black is always a flattering color! I love it!


Mugdha said...

Loving the trench! Your mom looks fabulous! Her outfit kind of reminds me of my old roommate's mom, who was, similarly, NEVER EVER not dressed well.

Kelsey said...

trench coat is a must and especially in washington with all of this rain you are getting! xoxo