Pretty Baby


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend/Easter Sunday! I spent most of Saturday and Sunday catching up with old friends and watching movies with my family. Here is this week's list for MUSIC MONDAY. You guys have my roommate to thank for all of the nostalgic, girly music.

1. 'Pretty Baby' Vanessa Carlton
2. 'Breathe' Michelle Branch
3. 'You Were Meant For Me' Jewel
4. 'What I Like About You' Lillix
5. 'Where Does The Good Go' Tegan and Sara


Mugdha said...

Oh, Michelle Branch! I got to see her live two years ago, and gosh, it just brought me straight back to middle school. Such good times.

Pia said...

"Where does the good go" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Love it. Listening to it brings back so many memories.

Melissa Stevens said...

"Where does the good go" is one of my favorites too! I love it when you post songs, and I love all those movies!!! Glad you had a great Easter!!