Mint Green

Have you ever told yourself you wouldn't do something, but ended up doing it, anyway?

Sally Hansen nail polish;  I have never been a huge fan of it because of it's runny-to-thick consistency and short lived finish. After giving it a few chances, I promised myself I would never buy it again. While at Target this past weekend, I broke that promise after being taken over by the temptation of a good deal. It all happened so fast, as I walked past a display for SH's Xtreme Wear Nail Color, alongside a 10% off sign (those sale signs can really get ya). I purchased two bottles at the low price of $1.85 each.

Tonight, out of boredom, I decided to put my purchase to good use. I was quickly reminded of why I never liked this brand. As I was applying the polish, it went from being runny to extremely thick, as if I had owned the polish for years. Well played, Target. I now see why you discounted this. On a positive note, the color is gorgeous. :)

So yeah, lesson learned. Don't purchase SH nail polish, unless you are a fast nail painter. The end.

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jezmacmania said...

Ah yah, I used to have a few SH polishes also, and I've had bad experiences wit them. However, this most definitely IS a very pretty color!

Alex said...

Bummer! That color is so cute though! I've been dying to paint my nails, but I'm waiting until I'm done with packing so I don't ruin them right away :]

Anonymous said...

wonderful color! xoxo

Alyssa May Edwards said...

Its okay..I definitely just experienced nail polish troubles about 10 minutes ago. I gave up. Maybe it is worth spending the extra few bucks on OPI. But I lovee lovee that color. I'm on the hunt for a good green (any shade) nail polish tomorrow with my aunt. Hopefully I find a good one!


Sharde said...

try spa ritual! its a vegan polish and they have gorgeous colors. im hoping they come out with a yellow soon though!