Bag It


When my friends and I compare the contents of our purses, I always seem to have the least number of items (probably because I've never been a fan of heavily packed bags). As a simplistic person who doesn't wear lipgloss or perfume, I have found all my needs to be fulfilled by the following items:
  • My wallet
  • An extra pair of earrings I picked up from my apartment yesterday
  • A pen
  • Orbit's sweet mint gum (think of the mint flavor in mint chocolate chip ice cream crammed into a gum. Yum!)
  • A coin purse hand-sewn by my friend, K. Stay tuned for the opening of her Etsy shop!
  • Beauty Blotters = my secret for maintaining a matte face


Heba said...

love your bag so much, looks so chic
btw this is my first visit to ur blog and I loved it :)

SusyV90 said...

Your bag is rockin!! Swear that I love it!


genevieve said...

Okay, can you seriously explain blotters to me? I swear, the one time I tried them, nothing happened!

Andrea@FancyThat! said...

I, too, believe in handbag minimalism :)

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love your bag!!! I need to lower my purse items like you! haha


Becca and Derek said...

What a pretty bag! I am the same way- usually just my wallet, cell phone, keys, and some snacks! Wow- I'm such a fat kid!

The Platinum Batch said...

This bag is so beautiful! I need to check it out online! And way to go my purse is so messy!! ;)

Andreia said...

Amazing bag!!! :)

Rococo said...

I love this bag!! I'll have to try those beauty blotters, they look amazing. Thanks for commenting on my blog awhile back, yours is lovely!

Erica Leigh said...

i wish i could be practical like you. i try, but it never works. i'm the type that needs to carry everything with me lol.

love the michael kors bag. ;]

erica | sweets + hearts

Guapizimo said...

I love your Michael Kors bag!

Jacqueline Paris said...

Oooh I must check out those Beauty Blotters! Can you buy them in stores or only through Mary Kay?