Hair Tutorial: The Dutch Fish


Summertime is when I like to experiment with different hairstyles. Pictured here, is one I came up with the other day. As you may come to find, this hairstyle is a bit more complicated than the other ones I have posted (here and here). But if you are a pro at braiding inside out (google: "How to Dutch braid") and fishtail braiding (tutorial here), then this will be a cinch for you. Please post any questions in the comments below.

1. Split hair into two separate sections, vertically.
2. Inside-out french braid (Dutch braid) each section, and secure with an elastic. Optional: gently pull the sides of the braid for a more loose, boho, natural look.
3. Undo one section and begin twisting hair that is towards nape of neck to prep for the fishtail braid. Do the same with the other section, while making sure the first section does not come undone.
4. Combine the two sections by fishtail braiding.
5. Use bobby pins to secure any unwanted loose sections.


Nothing Lasts Forever said...

Thank's for your sweet comment ! I love this hair look ! But it seems too difficult for me (I'm pretty lame with my hair !) Keep checking out :

lrnshelby said...

I love this hair style it is very cute! I wanted to thank you for checking out my blog! I am glad you liked the Urban Gent Series. I hope all your shopping went well with your boyfriend :) Take Care <3


Donna ♥ Baby said...

omg i love this!! when i have a kid i want to do this to her hair haha :)