Daddy's Girl

dress shirt: Dad's closet //tank top: Carol Anderson //leggings: HUE //belt: Banana Republic //bracelet: Nordstrom B.P.

I often find myself borrowing clothes and accessories from my mom's closet. I decided to switch things up today by taking a peek at what my dad's wardrobe had to offer. After passing up several items, I finally came across a "slim fit", white dress shirt.

Paired with a top-knot, red lipstick, a skinny belt, and black leggings, I can't help but to question myself as to why I never gave menswear a try.

lipstick image via Polyvore

My Fair Lady


An end-of-summer activity I often look forward to is the state fair. It's a tradition for my two friends B and E, and I to go together. The things we usually anticipate are henna tattoos, the pig races, and photography opportunities. But more than anything, our intentions of going are to devour what we like to call "fair food". It's the one time out of the entire year where we really let go, and allow ourselves to eat whatever we want.

"Let's do some damage... to our colons."

{a "blooming onion"}

{free baby smoothies from McDonalds!}

{B's blackberry milkshake}

{super nachos}

{coconut ice cream}

{henna tattoos}

Tutorial: Hot Pink Leopard

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish

One of my favorite parts of summer is getting to wear bright nail polish. There is just something about neons and pastels, and how they can accentuate a tan.

During the school year, my roommate decided that she wanted to start fresh with her nail polish collection. As a nail polish addict, I wasn't about to let her donate perfectly good nail polish to the garbage man, without running it past me first. 'Strawberry Electric' by Revlon was a favorite that I picked up. A gorgeous shade of metallic hot pink, I couldn't help but to pair it with leopard spots.

1. Start by making a several letter Cs, all facing different directions.
2. Complete the look by filling in each C with a white dot.

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish

Starbucks Secrets


One of my best friends, B, recently got a job at Starbucks. I've mentioned before that he is an enthusiast for all things Washington. He even has a tattoo of the state. Since his first day at work, B has ranted and raved non-stop about all the coffees, teas, and various concoctions he has gotten to taste. Some of the drinks he learned about are even considered "secret", as they do not appear on the menu, and are mostly known to employees only.

While on our way to the Pike Place Market today, I decided to interview B, with the goal of trying to find out some of the "Starbucks Secrets". Here are the drinks he told me about:

In the famous words of B's culinary professor, "Starbuck it!"

text art made possible by: Polyvore

A Blast From the Past


I've been making friendship bracelets for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I went to this daycare that was owned by an older lady who loved to do arts and crafts. We made boondoggles, paper mache figurines, tissue paper flowers, and of course, all kinds of bracelets. --my favorite, being the the friendship kind. At the age of 22, I never thought that I would see these nostalgic symbols of companionship become popular once again.

Click on this link for the amazing tutorial I used.

text image made possible by Polyvore.

Revamped Side Braid

pictured here: Victoria, the mannequin head

As a long-time fan of the Lauren Conrad braid, I decided to recreate it with a slight twist. Instead of going about this hairstyle as I usually would, I incorporated the concept of fishtail braiding (video tutorial found here). The result: a new and unique way to keep hair out of your face, perfect for Fall!

Tip: When grabbing new sections of hair to add into the braid, be sure the sections contain no more than a dozen strands of hair. You want the strands to be much, much smaller than if you were to fishtail braid all of your hair.

'love that fishtail' text made possible by Polyvore

Deal Alert: Paper Bag Shorts

While at Urban Outfitters today with my BFF, R, we spotted several piles of paper bag shorts... marked down $20.

Here's the 411--
Brand: Sparkle & Fade
Original price: $48
Sale price: $28
Note: There are currently two styles of paper bag shorts on the UO website. The ones that are on sale in the store (linked here), aren't on sale online (linked here), while the ones that are on sale online, can't be found in the store. Confusing, I know. All you need to know is that there are PAPER BAG SHORTS ON SALE for $20-$28, depending on where you look.

text image made possible by Polyvore

Paper Bags and Clams


I start school in just over a month. Even though it'll be exciting and new, I'm really going to miss these I-have-nothing-to-do types of days. Earlier this week, I went to the beach with two of my best friends. B showed me how to clam dig for the first time, which led us to getting a little carried away. We caught 15 or so Razor clams, and ended up putting them all back, since being illegal wasn't part of the plan. Apparently, you need a license to take clams from a beach. Home-made chowder would have been nice,  but at least we got to to home with some killer tans. ;)

Besides clam digging, here are a few other things I am currently loving:

1. Fedoras: I love how they can totally change up an outfit.

2.  Paper bag shorts: How cute would these look with a plain top and platform heels?

3. Keep Calm Carry On stuff: This one is for you, Ally!

4. Shopping for menswear: Long story short, my boyfriend had an interview to plan for and needed new business clothes. He insisted that I help him, so I did. Who knew picking out clothes for guys would actually be fun?

5. Shoes with spikes: My old roommate and I saw these at Nordstrom a while back. They're by Sam Edelman, and are to die for. Too bad I could never walk in them.

6. My friends: Because well, "It is impossible to have a better time with anyone else." -R

images via Polyvore

Marble Nail Art Tutorial

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

Marbling my nails is something I've been wanting to try all summer. --I finally got to it yesterday! Although the process was a bit messy, the end results were well worth the trouble.

What you will need
2 or more of your favorite colored nail polishes (non-metallic colors work best)
white nail polish
a toothpick
a disposable cup filled with room temperature water
Cotton rounds/balls
nail polish remover

1. Paint your nails with the white polish.
2. After your nails are dry, fill a disposable cup with water that is room temperature. Tip: If possible, cut the top part of your cup off to make it shorter, This way, you won't have to use as much water.
3. Screw open all of your colored polishes so they are ready to go. This will make the next step easier, and prevent the polish from drying out too fast while it sits on the surface of the water.
4. Take a colored nail polish, and add two drops into the water. Take a second color and add 1 drop on top of the first color. Continue to add different colors, 1 drop at a time, until you have reached your desired color combination. As you progress you should see a bullseye design beginning to form. Tip: Avoid windy areas, as that can contribute to drying out the film of polish quickly.
5. Use a toothpick to blend/swirl the colors together. Be gentle-- the thin film of nail polish can be easily torn.
6. Carefully dip your nail into the surface of the water, allowing the film of polish to stick to it. Focus on reducing air bubbles between the film of nail polish and your nail by moving at a slow and steady pace.
7. Use a toothpick to get rid of excess nail polish that is still in the water around your finger. Then, slowly remove your finger from the water. Tip: When removing your finger from the water, use a scooping motion. This will help in preventing the film of polish from folding onto itself.
8. Use a cotton ball/paper towel dipped in nail polish remover to take off most of the nail polish from your finger. For the areas closer to the nail that need more precision, use a Q-Tip.
9. And you are done, Gorgeous!

*Clean-up tip: Before pouring the excess water down your drain, be sure to fish all the nail polish out of your cup with a toothpick to prevent your drain from clogging.

*Health tip: you may want to have a window open or a fan going while you are doing this. Even better, if it's a sunny day, opt for an outdoor nail session. The fumes from the nail polish can get pretty strong.

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

Just not getting it? Watch this YouTube video for additional help.

Country Music Awards

For those who missed Taylor Swift's performance at the CMAs tonight, watch the following clip!

Brighter Than Sunshine

shirt: Bobeau via Nordstrom //necklace: Nordstrom B.P. $12 //pants: GAP, 'Martin' fit //turquoise ring: kiosk in Hawaii

These days, the dangers of sun exposure are greatly emphasized by the media. You have probably heard it all, from skin cancer to premature wrinkles. Unfortunately, for many of us (including myself), being tanner leads to feeling prettier. This is starting to sound like a dilemma.

Don't fret. Even if you're paranoid like me, and refuse to use anything but SPF 75 sunscreen, all hope is not lost when it comes to salvaging the palest of tans (oxymoron?). Consider the following tips:

1. Wear lightly colored clothing. White works best, in my opinion.
2. Use neon, white, or pastel yellow nail polish
3.  Dust a bit of bronzer onto your face and neck
4. Use a self-tanner
5. Show off your tan lines (ex: bikini/flip flop lines)

nail polish: 'Mellow Yellow' by Sally Hansen

P.S. For those who haven't seen Taylor Swift's new 'Sparks Fly' music video, you can find it here. Her concert is just less than a month away. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!1

Wild Thing

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Today, I had lunch with my friend N, who I haven't seen in the longest time. She gave me my late birthday present, which was well worth the wait. My favorite part of the gift was a nail polish from the SEPHORA by OPI collection in the color 'Rumba Romance'.

Since I put on a fresh coat of polish just the other day, I decided to test the new color out on my mom. The gorgeous shade of bronze inspired me to add a little more to it. --leopard spots to be specific. Here is how I created them:
  1. Paint 2 coats of your favorite nail polish onto your nails.
  2. Using a black nail polish that contains a thin brush, create a bunch of imperfect letter 'C's, all facing in different directions. A toothpick can be used to fix any mistakes.
  3. Using a white nail polish containing the same type of thin brush, dab spots onto the inner curve of each C.

The Lottery


Last week I entered a contest. I dove into it with the mentality that I was going to win, which turned out to be a big mistake. Little did I know, I was up against people with immense amounts of talent, which made for a tough competition.

The winner was announced yesterday morning, and as you have probably predicted... it wasn't me. I was a little disappointed. OK-- a lot. But I didn't waste any time being discouraged, because in reality, this was a blessing in disguise and a learning opportunity. Corny, but true.

Tip #938: Follow your dreams by taking every opportunity that could possibly lead you to accomplishing them. Don't ever think that you aren't good enough, or that you have a lesser chance than anyone else. As long as you are dedicated, possess passion and drive, you will get to where you want in life. I promise.

For those wondering, the contest was for The Beauty Department, a blog run by Lauren Conrad, and her beauty team. Congratulations to Taylor, who won the first guest post slot! You did an amazing job.

P.S. A little off topic, but I re-did my nails!

nail polish: 2-3 coats of 'Only Gold For Me' SEPHORA by OPI //2 coats of 'Mint Sorbet' by Sally Hansen

A Thing to Remember

Confession #293: The guy I am dating now is my first real boyfriend, aka my FRB.

Being in a new relationship is exciting, and you may want to spend as much time with that other person as you can. But at times, it can be easy to lose sight of other priorities, such as your close friends. Before I started dating my FRB, I made a promise to myself. I said that no matter what, I would make time for my friends, and hang out with them almost as much as I did before. So far, I have stuck to that promise, though it has been hard to comprise and make time for everyone, including myself.

Remember, boyfriends and girlfriends may not last forever, but your true friends will.

I would like to give a shout out to all of my BFFs and blogger friends. You know who you are.

"It is impossible to have a better time with anyone else." -R

Happy Monday, Everyone!