Marble Nail Art Tutorial

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

Marbling my nails is something I've been wanting to try all summer. --I finally got to it yesterday! Although the process was a bit messy, the end results were well worth the trouble.

What you will need
2 or more of your favorite colored nail polishes (non-metallic colors work best)
white nail polish
a toothpick
a disposable cup filled with room temperature water
Cotton rounds/balls
nail polish remover

1. Paint your nails with the white polish.
2. After your nails are dry, fill a disposable cup with water that is room temperature. Tip: If possible, cut the top part of your cup off to make it shorter, This way, you won't have to use as much water.
3. Screw open all of your colored polishes so they are ready to go. This will make the next step easier, and prevent the polish from drying out too fast while it sits on the surface of the water.
4. Take a colored nail polish, and add two drops into the water. Take a second color and add 1 drop on top of the first color. Continue to add different colors, 1 drop at a time, until you have reached your desired color combination. As you progress you should see a bullseye design beginning to form. Tip: Avoid windy areas, as that can contribute to drying out the film of polish quickly.
5. Use a toothpick to blend/swirl the colors together. Be gentle-- the thin film of nail polish can be easily torn.
6. Carefully dip your nail into the surface of the water, allowing the film of polish to stick to it. Focus on reducing air bubbles between the film of nail polish and your nail by moving at a slow and steady pace.
7. Use a toothpick to get rid of excess nail polish that is still in the water around your finger. Then, slowly remove your finger from the water. Tip: When removing your finger from the water, use a scooping motion. This will help in preventing the film of polish from folding onto itself.
8. Use a cotton ball/paper towel dipped in nail polish remover to take off most of the nail polish from your finger. For the areas closer to the nail that need more precision, use a Q-Tip.
9. And you are done, Gorgeous!

*Clean-up tip: Before pouring the excess water down your drain, be sure to fish all the nail polish out of your cup with a toothpick to prevent your drain from clogging.

*Health tip: you may want to have a window open or a fan going while you are doing this. Even better, if it's a sunny day, opt for an outdoor nail session. The fumes from the nail polish can get pretty strong.

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

marble nail art tutorial, nail design

Just not getting it? Watch this YouTube video for additional help.


Melissa C said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I want to try this so so so bad!!! Maybe I'll try it after I get my nails to grow that Debra Lipmann polish is so far so good! Ill post about it soon! :)


aki! said...

The last few times I tried this, it didn't work out. But you've just reminded me to try it again.

EVERY TIME I visit your blog I end up listening to Taylor. EVERY TIME.

Sophie said...

I am so trying this! xx