My Fair Lady


An end-of-summer activity I often look forward to is the state fair. It's a tradition for my two friends B and E, and I to go together. The things we usually anticipate are henna tattoos, the pig races, and photography opportunities. But more than anything, our intentions of going are to devour what we like to call "fair food". It's the one time out of the entire year where we really let go, and allow ourselves to eat whatever we want.

"Let's do some damage... to our colons."

{a "blooming onion"}

{free baby smoothies from McDonalds!}

{B's blackberry milkshake}

{super nachos}

{coconut ice cream}

{henna tattoos}


starsanderin said...

Evergreen State Fair!!!????

Elsa Gervasi said...

Yummy things! I love all the photos, and this post is great! A kiss, darling :)

aki! said...

I believe in eating healthy, but I also believe in eating well and eating for the occasion. That onion seriously makes me want to salivate!

Anonymous said...

Aw, your Henna tattoos look gorgeous! And so does that "blooming onion" thing omg it looks so delicious! Unfortunately for me most of the fairs where I live have already passed; I'm hoping next year I'll be able to attend one!

- Sharon