Paper Bags and Clams


I start school in just over a month. Even though it'll be exciting and new, I'm really going to miss these I-have-nothing-to-do types of days. Earlier this week, I went to the beach with two of my best friends. B showed me how to clam dig for the first time, which led us to getting a little carried away. We caught 15 or so Razor clams, and ended up putting them all back, since being illegal wasn't part of the plan. Apparently, you need a license to take clams from a beach. Home-made chowder would have been nice,  but at least we got to to home with some killer tans. ;)

Besides clam digging, here are a few other things I am currently loving:

1. Fedoras: I love how they can totally change up an outfit.

2.  Paper bag shorts: How cute would these look with a plain top and platform heels?

3. Keep Calm Carry On stuff: This one is for you, Ally!

4. Shopping for menswear: Long story short, my boyfriend had an interview to plan for and needed new business clothes. He insisted that I help him, so I did. Who knew picking out clothes for guys would actually be fun?

5. Shoes with spikes: My old roommate and I saw these at Nordstrom a while back. They're by Sam Edelman, and are to die for. Too bad I could never walk in them.

6. My friends: Because well, "It is impossible to have a better time with anyone else." -R

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Alex said...

I wore my fedora the other day after not wearing it for a while, and I got so many compliments on it! They really can completely change an outfit, and it's a super easy accessory, especially if you don't feel like washing your hair that morning! :] Anddd, I am dying for those spiked Sam Edelman heels! They are so cool!

genevieve said...

Love number two, four, and six! Your idea for the shorts is so simple and elegant!

Clam digging! I hear it's really fun. Glad you got a sweet tan for your efforts!

Mimi said...

i am loving all these things too! how cute is that keep calm pillow?! :D

<3, Mimi

Becca and Derek said...

I am obsessed with mens wear right now! I love big baggy shirts with some cute capris and sandals for hot summer days here!

Sara said...

Going back to school really sucks because you will not have so much free time on your hands but it also has its advantages and that list of things you love is awesome, I also have a little obsession on fedoras and shoes with spikes right now so I defiantly understand you! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

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aki! said...

I've been wanting to try the paper bag shorts trend. It's pretty classy, but I'm not sure how they'd look on my shape... ah well, gotta try them on, right?

I was actually having a conversation with my friend Mugdha. I said "I'm listening to Taylor Swift. ...Guess which blog I'm reading?" And she replies "I know exactly which one you're talking about."

Bonnie said...

Paper bag shorts??? Craaaaazyyyy.
I love fedoras. They're super damn adorable!!
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