Starbucks Secrets


One of my best friends, B, recently got a job at Starbucks. I've mentioned before that he is an enthusiast for all things Washington. He even has a tattoo of the state. Since his first day at work, B has ranted and raved non-stop about all the coffees, teas, and various concoctions he has gotten to taste. Some of the drinks he learned about are even considered "secret", as they do not appear on the menu, and are mostly known to employees only.

While on our way to the Pike Place Market today, I decided to interview B, with the goal of trying to find out some of the "Starbucks Secrets". Here are the drinks he told me about:

In the famous words of B's culinary professor, "Starbuck it!"

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Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Best starbucks tip ever: iced passion tea (not lemonade) with half ice and cinnamon dolce sweetener. trust me.

also I love how you dolled up the recipes!! so cute.

Elsa Gervasi said...

I love Starbucks coffe! It's great! A nice photo! A kiss :)

starsanderin said...

That's pretty funny because I recently did a Starbucks post and was going to do another because I have totally mixed feelings on it!

Have you read the book: How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else by Michael Gates Gill? I recommend it!!!

It's funny how much we enjoy/have in common with each others blogs..

Mimi said...

now i want to go get me some starbucks! ;) i think it would be so cool to have a friend who works for starbucks, have you ever tried asking him to make you a "secret" drink? :D

<3, Mimi

AllyM said...

Caught up on your blog. Love starbuck. love how you do all these cute braids. love you.

Thank you so much for that pillow shout out. For real, I kinda need that pillow.

Your comments seriously make me happy everytime!!!


Miyan said...

i worked at starbucks and totally loved mixing and matching drinks to try. their teas and coffees really are amazing quality. its just a great company to work with all in all.


diaries of a redhead said...

i love finding out when my favorite places have secret menus. did you know in-n-out has a secret menu? along with jamba juice. love it! i'll have to try some of these:)