Tutorial: Hot Pink Leopard

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish

One of my favorite parts of summer is getting to wear bright nail polish. There is just something about neons and pastels, and how they can accentuate a tan.

During the school year, my roommate decided that she wanted to start fresh with her nail polish collection. As a nail polish addict, I wasn't about to let her donate perfectly good nail polish to the garbage man, without running it past me first. 'Strawberry Electric' by Revlon was a favorite that I picked up. A gorgeous shade of metallic hot pink, I couldn't help but to pair it with leopard spots.

1. Start by making a several letter Cs, all facing different directions.
2. Complete the look by filling in each C with a white dot.

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish

leopard nail design, revlon nail polish


Elsa Gervasi said...

I love this print in your nails! They're very cute! A kiss, princess :)


Mugdha said...

I love these so much! I've been so into nail art lately but I just don't have the time to do mine anymore!

Anonymous said...

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aki! said...

I have a problem making the small C shapes sometimes. I love cheetah sometimes and I can't stand it other times. With all of the nail designs around, I haven't felt like doing it.

I love that you rescued the polish though. I rescued a really old and stick polish for konading the other day.