Wild Thing


Today, I had lunch with my friend N, who I haven't seen in the longest time. She gave me my late birthday present, which was well worth the wait. My favorite part of the gift was a nail polish from the SEPHORA by OPI collection in the color 'Rumba Romance'.

Since I put on a fresh coat of polish just the other day, I decided to test the new color out on my mom. The gorgeous shade of bronze inspired me to add a little more to it. --leopard spots to be specific. Here is how I created them:
  1. Paint 2 coats of your favorite nail polish onto your nails.
  2. Using a black nail polish that contains a thin brush, create a bunch of imperfect letter 'C's, all facing in different directions. A toothpick can be used to fix any mistakes.
  3. Using a white nail polish containing the same type of thin brush, dab spots onto the inner curve of each C.

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Becca and Derek said...

Woah! Talented! Can you come give me a pedicure?!