Feeling Fancy


Earlier today, I was thinking about an article I came across in 8th grade while flipping through magazines for a project. It was a step by step guide on how to fold fancy napkins from Martha Stewart. It's funny how I still remember the article almost 9 years later, because I've never actually made these for anyone that has been to my house. Perhaps, someday, when I develop some cooking skills to host a dinner party, I'll be able to.

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To The Beach


I've never been on vacation with anyone other than my parents. So, when my boyfriend invited me to spend a few days in California with his family, at his grandparent's beach house, I was elated. Coincidentally, we left on the day of our 6 month-a-versary. What better way to celebrate than being in a pretty house, with good company, and spending time with the boy who has become one of my best friends?

{rainbow cookies at the grocery store}

{found this on the table :) }

{a lemon tree, something you don't see too often in WA}

Winning Is Everything


This morning, Taylor Swift announced the exciting news that she will be releasing a World Tour Live DVD/CD on November 21st. Well, I, myself have some news: I DREW THE WINNER FOR MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Congratulations, to April!

Thank you, everyone, for all your support in making my first giveaway a success. I received an overwhelming amount of entries, which is absolutely amazing! You guys are the best.

Stay tuned for my second giveaway, which I will be announcing around the holidays!

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High Heels 101

graphic designed by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt, images via Polyvore.

My roommate from my freshman year of undergrad said, "To be able to walk in heels, all you need is confidence." I wish that advice worked for me. Throughout my lifetime, I've seen dozens of heels I would have loved to own, like the spiked Sam Edelman ones you see above. The only thing stopping me was my inability to walk in anything without a flat sole. Yesterday, I decided to do something that I should have done years ago: Google, "how to walk in high heels." Here is what I found:

1. Start small and work your way up.
2. Choose your shoes carefully: "Stand in your shoes on a hard floor with your knees straight, and see if you can raise yourself on your toes an inch. If you can't, the heels are too high for you right now, and you shouldn't wear them."
3. Take baby steps.
4. Practice.

In the end, all you need is the right pair of shoes, and a lot of practice.

Nail Polish Guide


As a long-time nail polish junkie, I can say that I've experimented with a lot of brands. Here is a quick and dirty guide discussing several that I think are either worth/not worth your money.

OPI: Probably my favorite brand of nail polish. The only con: the structure of the brush. It's pretty wide-- wider than the average brush. But it's not too bad. It's also pricey, but the quality of the polish is well worth the $8. The formula lasts, dries extremely quickly, and most of the colors are really opaque after one coat.

Sephora by OPI: This formula is a little waterier and the brush is thinner than regular OPI. Everything else is the same. However, if I were to splurge on nail polish, I would get the regular OPI.

China Glaze: My second favorite nail polish brand. The formula is fantastic. It lasts a long time while on your nails, and the brush is nice and narrow. The price also isn't too bad. If you have a Sally Beauty Supply near you, sometimes they'll have a sale; 2 for $10, or something like that. My friend E, and I usually split that deal, and each get one for $5. The only reason why it falls short of OPI is because it takes a little longer to dry.

Revlon: My favorite drugstore nail polish. It's cheap and dries fast, but may need up to 3 coats for opacity. If you're looking for a cheap and good nail polish, check this one out. The only bad thing about it is that it's kind of watery.

Forever 21: All the colors that I've tried didn't last longer than 1-2 days. If you are dying to try F21's nail polish, if anything-- I would suggest checking out any of the glitter colors. Although they're hard to take off (as all other glitter polishes are), they don't look too bad. Overall, I would not recommend this brand.

Sally Hansen: Umm... where do I even start? They have a wide selection of colors at really affordable prices, which I love. However, the thing that overpowers those pros is the fact that their formula takes decades to dry! I would not recommend this brand.

Sinful Colors: I have mixed feelings about this brand. The metallic colors, I'm not a big fan of. I bought 'Fiji', a metallic purple, last year, and have only used it once because I needed to use 5 coats to make it look like the color in the bottle. The non-metallic colors are OK, though. They last a bit longer than the F21 polishes, and are worth the $2 they are sold for. If you're looking for a fun color to wear for Halloween, or a one-night event, I would recommend this brand.

Essie: I've never used Essie, but have heard mixed opinions about it. A lot of people like it because they have a large color selection. But then again, a lot of other people hate it because supposedly, it's too "watery". I'll let you guys know if I ever try it.

images: www.polyvore.com

In all, the best advice I can give you is to spend a few more dollars on a better brand, especially if the color is a classic one that you'd use all the time (red, nude, dark blue, any shade of pink). That way, you can have it in your collection for a while. For more trendier/fun shades that are only worn during a certain time of year or for one night, go for the cheaper brands (ex: Revlon and Sinful Colors).

Here's To You


"Here's to always being tired, never sleeping, taking way too many pictures, keeping the best of a positive attitude, giving and growing, always being the person I've wanted to be, endless smiles, creative imaginations, to endless fields. Here's to always being happy." -Anonymous

Moon Pedicure Tutorial

moon manicure, nail design

I've seen a lot of moon manicures, but never a moon pedicure

Curious to see how this idea would turn out, I decided to give my mom's toes a retro makeover. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result, as it had convinced me to adopt moon manicures into my nail art repertoire. Colors used: 'Ooh La La White' and 'Peachy Keen', both by China Glaze.

Click here for a full tutorial on how to give yourself a moon manicure, courtesy of The Beauty Department.

white nail polish pedicure

moon manicure, nail design

moon manicure, nail design

*Edit: Where did I get the pink nail stickers? They came in a set with 3 Kiss brand nail polishes from Walgreens (gifted by my good friend, N). I'm sure you can find them at any drug store, or, if you want to pull a Lauren Conrad, you can use 3 ring notebook paper reinforcement stickers as a substitute. It all works the same!

Black On Black

blazer: Frenchie via Nordstrom B.P. //tank top: Carol Anderson //bandage skirt: Lush via Nordstrom B.P. //necklace: Urban Outfitters //nail polish: 'Conquistadorable Color' OPI

Last week, my old roommate/BFF, R, and I were talking about all-black outfits, and how to pull them off. In the process of experimenting with some items yesterday, I came up with the following tips:

Tip #588: Break up the black pieces of your outfit by adding your favorite colored nail polish, or statement necklace. These extra additions will prevent you from looking too dark.

Tip #982: Experiment with different textures to break up the darkness even more. Here, I have a silky blazer, smooth cotton tank top, and rippled bandage skirt.

Text banner via Polyvore, designed by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt


image: http://seiize-the-moment.tumblr.com/

I don't make posts like this too often, but after being awarded The Lovely Blog Award (which came with the survey you see below) by 7% Solution, I couldn't resist. Thanks, Laura aka Aki!

1. I am an avid Taylor Swift fan. When I saw her live earlier this month, I cried.
2. When I grow up, I want to be a crazy cat lady.
3. My favorite food is pasta. I could eat it everyday.
4. I'd rather spend an hour surfing on the internet, than watching TV.
5. I think it would be really cool to blog for a living, and adore anyone who does.
6. My initial career choice was to be a veterinarian, but now I'm going to be a therapist.
7. I've got the best of both worlds: my boyfriend acts like Edward, but looks like Jacob. Score!

FAVORITE COLOR: Green, or yellow.
FAVORITE SONG: Anything written by Taylor Swift or 'Swing Swing' by The All-American Rejects.
FAVORITE DESSERT: Mint chocolate chip ice cream!
YOUR BIGGEST FEAR: Disappointing my parents.
FAVORITE FEATURE: My smile, for sure.
WHAT IS PERFECTION: When it's 11:11, and you can't think of anything to wish for; not necessarily because you have everything you want, but because you have everything you need.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching beauty gurus on YouTube.

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:
Mugdha of A Vigilant Muse
Alex of Ben+Alex
Genevieve of Sandbox Romance
Melissa of Pieces of Me(L)
Sherrie and Sharon of Closet Hound
and anyone else who wants to re-post this!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! The winner will be drawn one week from tomorrow, and will be sent an Infiniti curling iron/straightener + $25 to Sephora!

Never Grow Up

shirt: GAP $16 SALE //skirt: Delia's $14.99 SALE //necklace: Nordstrom B.P. $12

When I was a teen, I had an obsession with clothing catalogs like Alloy and dELiA*s. I never ordered anything, though, because unlike stores in the mall, catalogs don't give you the luxury of trying things on.

While out with my BF earlier this week, I spotted a dELiA*s store. I decided to please my inner 15-year-old self by going in. The clothing style was just the way I remembered it to be; fun, vibrant, and youthful. I didn't expect to get anything until I came across this gorgeous skirt on sale for $14.99. I guess some things never change, such as my love for a youthful style.

Long Live


I never thought I would be saying the words, "I was 15 feet away from Taylor Swift." 

Last night, I went to see Taylor Swift. The biggest surprise of the night was when she walked through the crowd, and made her way to a spinning platform near my seat. My friend, K, and I managed to maneuver our way to the very front, where we would be several feet away from her. At first, I couldn't believe that I was going to be face to face (well, kind of) with my idol. She sang a few songs, and when she got to 'Last Kiss', something magical happened. When it was time for her to face my side of the arena, I instantly thought to myself, "stand out!" So, while everyone else cheered, I stood still, as I sang her lyrics. She looked right at me, smiled, and we made eye contact. If I were to match dialogue with the look on her face, she would definitely be saying, "Aww." It was probably one of the best nights of my life. I love you, Taylor!

P.S. For those wondering, yes, I did cry when she first came out. Please don't judge me. ;)

GIVEAWAY: Infiniti Curler + $25 Sephora Gift Card [CLOSED]


Friends of SWEATshirt DRESSshirt,

I am happy to announce my first ever giveaway! I've been planning and plotting this very moment for nearly a year now. At first, I had a hard time coming up with what the prize would be, because I wanted it to be something frugal and useful (as my BFF, R, would say). With the help of R, I decided on my favorite model of curling iron, the Infiniti (which happens to come with a straightener as well), and a $25 gift card to a store most every girl has stepped foot in: Sephora!

After all, you guys have provided me with immense support; more than I could ever ask for. I put a lot of work into this blog. Whether it is gushing about my obsession over Taylor Swift, or ranting and raving about my current favorite nail polish, it feels amazing to know that someone out there is paying attention to what I have to say. Thank you times a million.

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

-- For one entry: become a follower (if you aren't already), and leave a comment below with a message + e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

-- For a second entry, become a fan of SWEATshirt DRESSshirt on Facebook (see side bar for link, or click here) and leave a separate comment with some indication that this is your Facebook entry + the name on the profile you are following my Facebook page with + your email.

--For a third entry, make an individual blog post, spreading the news about this giveaway on your blog, and leave a separate comment here with the link to your post + your email. Feel free to use the image of the prize I have included here.

So, if I were a super-fan of SWEATshirt DRESSshirt and wanted to enter this contest 3 times, I would have left 3 different comments on this post. Here is what they would say:

Comment #1 (mandatory to win): "[insert message here], [insert your email here]"
Comment #2: "[a few words telling me this is your Facebook entry], [first name here] [last name here], [insert your email here]"
Comment #3: "[blog post link advertising the giveaway here], [insert your email here]"

Extra info
-- Maximum 3 entries per person (one by following me on Blogger [mandatory], one by becoming a Facebook fan [optional], and another by making an individual post about this giveaway [optional]).
-- The contest is open to ALL readers.
-- The winner will be selected via Random.org (a random number generator). So, if the number 3 were to be generated, the person who left the 3rd comment would win. 
-- SWEATshirt DRESSshirt is not responsible for anyone who likes the Facebook page and/or makes a post about this contest on their blog and forgets to leave a comment indicating that they have done so.
--The contest will end 2 weeks from today, 9/20/2011 at midnight, Pacific time.
--Questions? Email me at sweatshirtdressshirt@yahoo.com.

Best of luck!

Newfound Loves

There are only a few good things about summer ending, and one of them is getting to re-visit the art of layering. Last fall, I had a tendency to reach for college sweatshirts, and cardigans. My efforts to look nice were definitely lacking, due to a large load of school work. I'm going to try to be different this year, seeing as how I'll be a grown-up in grad school. We'll see how this goes...

Tip #827: Pair together items that you normally wouldn't wear alone. When I saw this blue dress shirt, I couldn't picture myself wearing it anywhere but an interview. I spontaneously paired it with this army green shirt-jacket, and voila! I have a new outfit that I love.

Tip #832: If something that is out-dated fits, and is pretty new, you may want to keep it, instead of donating it. The leopard print shoes you see below, I purchased 4 years ago, during my freshman year of college. I've recently noticed these to be gaining popularity lately, as seen on stars like Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna, and Cameron Diaz.

shirt-jacket: Urban Outfitters //dress shirt: Mom's Closet, Banana Republic //leggings: 'Jolt' via Nordstrom B.P. //tank top: Carol Anderson //necklace: Nordstrom B.P. //shoes: Payless

Where The Heart Is

I'm not about to purchase my own home any time soon, but something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately is interior design. Have you ever thought about how you would decorate the bedroom, living room, and kitchen of your future home? I sure have. Here is a sneak peek at the inside my head as of late.