Black On Black

blazer: Frenchie via Nordstrom B.P. //tank top: Carol Anderson //bandage skirt: Lush via Nordstrom B.P. //necklace: Urban Outfitters //nail polish: 'Conquistadorable Color' OPI

Last week, my old roommate/BFF, R, and I were talking about all-black outfits, and how to pull them off. In the process of experimenting with some items yesterday, I came up with the following tips:

Tip #588: Break up the black pieces of your outfit by adding your favorite colored nail polish, or statement necklace. These extra additions will prevent you from looking too dark.

Tip #982: Experiment with different textures to break up the darkness even more. Here, I have a silky blazer, smooth cotton tank top, and rippled bandage skirt.

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Turtles and Pearls said...

I love the black on black. It looks classy, but is still fun with the varying textures.

lrnshelby said...

So cute! This outfit is just lovely and the necklace is the perfect touch! Great look :)


Justine said...

You added the perfect touches :)

Just Better Together

Stevie Leigh said...


Beth {Shug in Boots} said...

Love! I can never pull this off because they are all "different blacks". I LOVE that necklace! :)

Britt said...

I absolutely love your blog! I've subscribed and I can't wait to see more inspiring posts from you in the future.

Sarah said...

I love this whole contrast with the aqua and black :]
So super mega cute!

Follow me, I'll follow back if a wish? ;]

Isabella Kiss said...

very classy! i like it a lot! the jewelry and nails are a nice pop of color!