Feeling Fancy


Earlier today, I was thinking about an article I came across in 8th grade while flipping through magazines for a project. It was a step by step guide on how to fold fancy napkins from Martha Stewart. It's funny how I still remember the article almost 9 years later, because I've never actually made these for anyone that has been to my house. Perhaps, someday, when I develop some cooking skills to host a dinner party, I'll be able to.

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Silver Strands said...

thank you THANK YOU! I'm so glad to have learned this today!

Justine said...

How cute! I never thought about folding paper napkins!

Btw, the other day I was thinking about you (nothing creepy, I swear!) is this boyfriend you were talking about earlier the boy you wanted to approach in class earlier this year?!

Just Better Together

Becca and Derek said...

Ooooh fun! Thanks for sharing!