High Heels 101

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My roommate from my freshman year of undergrad said, "To be able to walk in heels, all you need is confidence." I wish that advice worked for me. Throughout my lifetime, I've seen dozens of heels I would have loved to own, like the spiked Sam Edelman ones you see above. The only thing stopping me was my inability to walk in anything without a flat sole. Yesterday, I decided to do something that I should have done years ago: Google, "how to walk in high heels." Here is what I found:

1. Start small and work your way up.
2. Choose your shoes carefully: "Stand in your shoes on a hard floor with your knees straight, and see if you can raise yourself on your toes an inch. If you can't, the heels are too high for you right now, and you shouldn't wear them."
3. Take baby steps.
4. Practice.

In the end, all you need is the right pair of shoes, and a lot of practice.


genevieve said...

Practice makes perfect, I guess! I'll still heel challenged, for sure.

Loving all your back-to-basics posts these days!

jill said...

These shoes are awesome, the right combination of badass and feminine!

x. jill
those ghosts

Rachel said...

I need more practice walking in heels too. I will wear them out to dinner, but then be dying to take them off. I should start wearing them on a day out shopping. Maybe some shoe inserts would help?


Justine said...

I never knew the tippy-toe trick!

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