In With The New


One of my favorite things to do at the start of each season is revamping my wardrobe. This includes recycling items I wore during previous seasons, as well as making a trip to the mall (the fun part). Although tank tops and sun dresses can be worn again, by being layered with fall items, it is a necessity for shorts and sandals to be traded in for a new pair of jeans and sneakers.

Tip: For items you want to purchase, make a mental shopping list of what you plan on getting so you don't get side tracked, and/or end up spending more money than you had originally intended.

Need ideas? Here are a few things I consider Fall staple items:

1. A good jacket.

2. Cardigans-- you can never have too many of these, especially if you live in a place with a colder climate. I usually get mine from the B.P. at Nordstrom or Forever 21.

3. All things long-sleeved.

4. Jeans. I prefer dark denim, because jeans in general tend to fade over time. So, might as well start dark, because you'll eventually get the light jeans you originally wanted. Well, kind of. ;)

5. A pair of faux or real leather boots. From past experience, the higher quality boots you choose to invest in, the longer they'll last (thus, saving you more money). I got lucky, and got a pair for $60, that ended up lasting for a little over 2 years.

6. Scarves. Invest in a few plain, colored ones. They'll be timeless, and should last you a few years.

collage created and images via Polyvore


Ma Belle La Vie said...

Love all your picks! I'm slightly obsessed with scarves and cardigans but agree that these are all staple items!

jill said...

those scarves are so great!

x. jill
those ghosts

Stephanie and Such said...

LOVVVVVVE that scarf!! I think I might need it ;)

Mimi said...

i want all of these!!! you're making me excited for fall! :D

<3, Mimi

Monica said...

I'm so happy it's Autumn now! It's my favorite season for the fashion trends. I definitely need to pick up a good jacket though, I've seen a few nice ones at H&M. I need to get new boots too, mine are a little damaged from last season.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

All these items are adorable I love those boots I need to go shopping I cant fight the urge.. LOVE!


Rachel said...

I just stocked up on cardigans and scarfs and could really use some tall boots. Those are gorgeous!

<3 Rachel