Long Live


I never thought I would be saying the words, "I was 15 feet away from Taylor Swift." 

Last night, I went to see Taylor Swift. The biggest surprise of the night was when she walked through the crowd, and made her way to a spinning platform near my seat. My friend, K, and I managed to maneuver our way to the very front, where we would be several feet away from her. At first, I couldn't believe that I was going to be face to face (well, kind of) with my idol. She sang a few songs, and when she got to 'Last Kiss', something magical happened. When it was time for her to face my side of the arena, I instantly thought to myself, "stand out!" So, while everyone else cheered, I stood still, as I sang her lyrics. She looked right at me, smiled, and we made eye contact. If I were to match dialogue with the look on her face, she would definitely be saying, "Aww." It was probably one of the best nights of my life. I love you, Taylor!

P.S. For those wondering, yes, I did cry when she first came out. Please don't judge me. ;)


Jessica said...

Ahhhh im so jealous that you saw Taylor Swift in concert! Her songs are incredible! Sounds like you had an amazing night!
LOVE your blog! hah and yes Forever 21 was aaaaaahhhh amazing :D heheh

Andrea said...

taylor is awesome :)

Kel said...

So jealous too. Love Taylor.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

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Eleanor said...

i am so so so happy for you! <3
thats my tumblr for ya! great pictures btw, im jealous, you were so close!!!! :) xxx

AllyM said...

I semi hate you.



Shantik said...

Cool, bring on the colourful glow bands!!!

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