Moon Pedicure Tutorial

moon manicure, nail design

I've seen a lot of moon manicures, but never a moon pedicure

Curious to see how this idea would turn out, I decided to give my mom's toes a retro makeover. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result, as it had convinced me to adopt moon manicures into my nail art repertoire. Colors used: 'Ooh La La White' and 'Peachy Keen', both by China Glaze.

Click here for a full tutorial on how to give yourself a moon manicure, courtesy of The Beauty Department.

white nail polish pedicure

moon manicure, nail design

moon manicure, nail design

*Edit: Where did I get the pink nail stickers? They came in a set with 3 Kiss brand nail polishes from Walgreens (gifted by my good friend, N). I'm sure you can find them at any drug store, or, if you want to pull a Lauren Conrad, you can use 3 ring notebook paper reinforcement stickers as a substitute. It all works the same!


Justine said...

This is CUTE!
But OMG! Where did you find those strips!? I've been looking for them in the Bay Area for years.....

Just Better Together

head over heels said...

same as the above comment....where do you find the strips?? this is so cute! x