Awkward Moments

R, and her dream dress from Anthropologie

Earlier today, I got to hang out with my BFF/old roomie, R, who I haven't seen since the beginning of September. Though I have talked about her before, I probably never told you guys that she's one of those people who are hilariously funny, without even trying.

While partaking in our tradition of sharing a great meal of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and shopping near our old stomping grounds, she asked if she could tell me a "gross" work story. At first, I wanted her to wait until we were done eating, but I just couldn't resist.

R: So there's this guy at my work, who's kind of annoying. The other day, he was leaning over the walls of my cubicle, talking to me, and all of a sudden, a drop of spit traveled in a projectile motion from his mouth... to my bottom lip. I sat there nodding, acting as if nothing was wrong. When he left, I immediately took a pump of hand sanitizer, and rubbed it all over my mouth. It stung like crazy, but I was just too grossed out to care.

Oh, R. You are a character.


Justine said...


Just Better Together

Katie said...

sounds like you have some awesome roommates!

--instead of an elephant