Chevron Tip Nail Tutorial

chevron tip nails, chevron nail design, navy polish

For my birthday this year, my good friend N got me a nail decorating kit that came with 3 skinny-brush polishes, and two styles of french tip guides. In the process of moving from my parent's house to my new apartment, I forgot a few things. One, being the french tip guides.

I've been wanting to try the chevron style for quite some time now, and since I was desperate, I decided to freehand it. The design was extremely simple to re-create, and didn't come out looking too badly in the end.

You will need:
2 colors, one being a skinny-brush polish. Tip: colors that contrast look the best.
A steady hand

1. Paint your nails with a color of your choice.
2. With your skinny-brush polish, paint an X at the top of your nail. Make sure the lines at the top of your X are closer together than the bottom ones (see picture below).
3. Fill in all sides of the X, except for the bottom.
4. Repeat these steps on your other nails.

chevron tip nails, chevron nail design, navy polish

chevron tip nails, chevron nail design, navy polish

chevron tip nails, chevron nail design, navy polish

pictures taken and edited by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt, edited on Picnik


Justine said...

This is pretty cool! I should try this one day!

Justine said...

BTW, good luck with your move!

genevieve said...

New obsession; your awesome nails. That's not creepy, right?

Mugdha said...

These are so cute and they don't look too complicated! Will be trying soon fo'sho. Hope you're well, dear!

Kelsey said...

okay. l.o.v.e the nails. and that navy is must have. i need that.

erinj0 said...

love those nails! I actually even love the "x" part two the best! I think I might try this tonight :) Cute blog, girl!!


AllyM said...

I have been such a horrible blogger lately.

1. Cute Cute Nails. I'll get a mani this week and post it. LOVE navy.
2. Um. So jealous of your beach vacation with your boy.
3. I'm still jealous that you went to the T.Swift concert.


starsanderin said...

I tried it with my nails grey and the tip white!!! I will post a pic on my blog :)

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