The Dark Side


Something I tend to do every now and then is coordinate my nail polish color with the weather/season. You know, dark colors for the fall/winter, and lighter colors for the spring/summer.

This one is for you, Ally!

left: 'OPI Ink' //right: F21, color name unknown


iloveyouvalentine said...

reminds me of a crisp night sky :) i love!

AllyM said...

girl. love it! I just got a manicure yesterday. I'll post tonight!! It's navy too! LOVE dark colors!

ps. YOUR BOOTS ARE SOOOOOOOO CUTE. It's finally boot weather here:)

Silver Strands said...

exciting color!

Justine said...

I love the dark nail polish on you. I can NEVER paint my nails without ruining it someway or another. I also don't think my nails look "good" with the darker shades, but I should definitely try it again, after all they're just nails! haha!

AND yes, I am going to search for boots!!

Just Better Together

Clara Turbay said...

I like your blog. come and check out mine.
Maybe we can follow each other let me now.

Ashley Eliza said...

oooo im loving the color. now time to pain my nails.

i'm your newest follower.. such a cute blog!!