10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


I've never been much of a shoe person. But my BFF, R? She is. While on the phone with her the other night, she told me about a cool shoe article that was on Yahoo. I just had to share it with you guys.


LillyV said...

OMG! those heels are killer!


Sarah Jane said...

Those shoes are triple fierce! Studs, peep toe, and sky high? Love it!

Sarah Jane R.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow shoe-lover, I thank you for sharing this article - I can use this as leverage to explain to boyfriend why I need more shoes :P

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AllyM said...

loved that article. I have 8 pairs of what they said. I don't have wooden sandal heels NOR a pair of awesome heels like you pictures above. I need some though.


ben+alex said...

I LOVE this article! even though i still need to get half of those shoes!! maybe one day i will have all ten:) oh and my leather jacket is from forever 21! it was super cheap and has lasted me three winters:)

Miyan said...

i saw that same article on yahoo news. thats funny. i love the ones in the photo you posted! hotness!