Birthday Gift Guide: Boyfriend


Don't know what to get your significant other for his birthday? I didn't either, until I realized I had the ideas in front of me all along. In case anyone else ran into a similar problem, I decided to convert my thought process into a post. 

When looking for a gift for your significant other, consider the following:
  • What is his favorite thing to eat? If you can cook/bake this thing, you've already got half of a romantic night in, planned.
  • Does he have a favorite clothing brand? I read somewhere that guys don't like getting clothes because that's the job of a mother, but you have to remember that every guy is different. I ended up getting my boyfriend a shirt from his favorite brand, Obey, and he loved it.
  • A lot of guys enjoy receiving things they need. Does he shave? I recommend Jack Black's 'Beard Lube' via Nordstrom.
  • On a budget? A fun idea is to make him a card or scrapbook. Personalized coupons are always great too (ex message: "this coupon is good for a 30 minute back rub").
  • Tip: When conversations about materialistic items come up, take note whenever he says "I've been wanting ____ for a while", or anything up that alley. When you give him his gift, he'll be flattered that you listened, which is a gift in itself.
*An important thing to consider is the length of time you guys have been dating. If your relationship is fairly new, I wouldn't recommend making a scrapbook, as that can get very personal. For new relationships, stick to less serious things, like a home-made card, going out to a movie he's been wanting to see (your treat!), or a book/dvd.


Jul said...

Haha, this is useful!! I always don't know what to buy as a gift for my Moreno...
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Samantha said...

Great tips! :o)


Marie said...

Hahaha, I love the point about the favorite thing to eat. It's true, that is half the battle and the easiest part to win. Great post, handy to see the process all spelled out.
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The Platinum Batch said...

nice tips! looks like a fun night!