Dr. Master Bachelor


While procrastinating my 12 page paper today, I decided to research the salaries of professionals who are currently in the field that I want to be in (you know, for inspiration). I came across a website that allows you to type in a profession, along with a city of your choice, to generate the average income for that career (along with job openings).

One of my favorites parts of this website, though, is the diagram showing a clear comparison between the "average salaries for jobs containing the keyword of Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. or MBA" It gives me hope that being in school forever will soon pay off...literally! Oh, and they even have a section for bloggers! Ch-ch check it out:
I know that money isn't everything, but sometimes, knowing how much you're going to make, along with how much fun you're going to have doing what you love, makes school that much easier to get through.

*No, I was not asked by this website to mention them on my blog, nor am I being paid to mention them.

P.S. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Justine said...

Totally cool website!

Mugdha said...

Oh man, I seriously needed this. I'm applying to master's programs, and some days I just want to throw in the towel and not apply ANYWHERE, but you're right, it doesn't hurt to know you're going to be able to live more comfortably with just a little more school. Thank you.

aki! said...

I've been on this site before! Used it to look for jobs too.