The Boyfriend Watch


You've got the boyfriend blazer, jeans, shirt, and now, watch. Who would have thought, that your significant other's wardrobe and feminine fashion could have so much in common?

Tip #893: When wearing a masculine piece, balance out the rest of your outfit with feminine pieces.

From left to right, here are my top picks on boyfriend watches to splurge on:
1. Micheal Kors
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs
3. Fossil

images via Polyvore, graphic designed by SWEATshirt DRESSshirt


jordan said...

I have been coveting that rose gold watch for I don't know HOW long.

AllyM said...

I need the rose gold one. asap.


peony said...

I like almost all MJ watches) and the designer itself!

L.A. in the bay said...

LOVE these watches