Christmas Things


I love the holidays. If someone asked me to name off all the things I like about this time of year, the list would be endless. To save time and space, here are my top 12 favorite things:
  • Unlimited time with friends, family, and my pillow
  • Giving/wrapping presents
  • Warm drinks
  • Cinnamon candles
  • Taylor Swift's Christmas covers (my favorite: Last Christmas)
  • Snow
  • Black Friday
  • Winter fashion
  • Decorating sugar cookies
  • Sitting by the fire
  • Decorating the tree
  • Reading and creating holiday blog posts
What are your favorite things about the holiday season?

P.S. For those of you who shop at Trader Joe's, I highly recommend you check out the cut-out gift tags on their paper bags (see picture below). They're adorable, and eco-friendly!


Mimi said...

i think the main thing i love about the holiday season is the happy vibe in the air. everyone is happy and everything is so beautiful! :)

p.s. i love those candles too!

<3, Mimi
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Anonymous said...

Is that B&BW candle I see? Love love love. Perfect holiday scent!

There is absolutely nothing I love more than spending time with my family for Christmas. It's always a blast, and the food - don't get me started ;)


Becca and Derek said...

I have the reusable bags, but I MIGHT need to "forget" them one day! LOVE those- so cute!

starsanderin said...

I used the Trader Joes to wrap presents with (brown paper packages tied up with string....)

Ha ha. Great minds think alike!

Thanks for the reminder about TSwift's Christmas music...


Justine said...

I love love LOOOOOOOOOVE holiday wrapping paper. I am obsessed, but I only buy AFTER Christmas. I over about 24 rolls and counting :)

aki! said...

Cinnamon has been a pretty big part of my life lately. Yum.

Sorry the weather there is so cold!