Feels Like Home


While spending time with a few of my close friends today, I dined at a place called The Maltby Café. If you're familiar with the term, "a hole in the wall", you've already got a good sense as to what this place was like; cozy, with a home-y touch, and amazing food. Think of it as a replica of your grandmother's kitchen.

The portions were large, the prices were small, and the service was great. I'd give this place 4.5 out of 5 stars (Only because I've had better Caesar Salad. Though, it doesn't mean this one wasn't great.)

On it goes, to my list of "Places I'd recommend in Washington".

*Thanks to B, for letting me use his camera, because I forgot mine!


Ellen said...

I looooveeee the maltby cafe! Biggest and best cinnamon rolls around. Thanks for sharing!:)



Tiffany said...

sounds like a great place! great blog :)