Gift Guide: The Men In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're like me, and are slightly lagging on getting gifts for your dad/brother/best guy friend/boyfriend/etc., perhaps, these recommendations will spark an idea.

1. T-shirts. A lot of guys I know, overheat easily. Take my boyfriend, for example. In the midst of cold weather, while I'm bundled up in a heavy jacket, scarf, and boots, he's fine in a t-shirt and light jacket. This gift will carry over nicely when springtime comes around.

2. For the man who likes to dress up: cuff links or a tie clip. You can never go wrong with these.

3. DVDs... or, if you're feeling bold: video games.

4. Jack Black's 'Beard Lube' = a luxury shaving cream ($16 via Nordstrom). Pair this with a nice razor, and you're set.

5. Warm things (for the guy who doesn't warm up as easily): socks, hats, gloves.

6. A wallet

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