In With The Nude


Last week, I met up with one of my best friends, N, for dinner. We chatted for almost 2 hours, and towards the end of our meal, her and I exchanged Christmas presents. One of the things she got me was 'Classy', a nude nail polish by Revlon. I've never worn a color this natural looking... until now, and I've been growing to like it.

Here's a challenge for you all: Branch out, and try on a color of nail polish that you would normally stray away from. As Deborah Lippmann once said, with nail polish, " gotta try it on. You can't just look at it in the bottle and be afraid of it. Nail polish should be fun."


Drama & Makeup said...

I like it!

AllyM said...

I'm going to get a mani pedi with my mom this morning. I'm going to go one nail glitter like that. I love it and want something different!!!


What.Jessica.Loves said...

Lovee your manucure !! That's really pretty , I like the colors !

Anonymous said...

love love love it ;-)

thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you return soon!

Feenkuss said...

Thanks for your comment.
Love your nail polish, looks great.
Cute colour :)

Lovely greetz.


aki! said...

One of my friends just gave me a gorgeous color for my birthday. I'm so excited!

Sunkissed said...

Hi :)
I just discovered your blog & honestly, it is absolutely brilliant! I love the painstakingly beautiful nail art you've done this far. You seem like a sweet, positive person! Keep up the amazing blog - I'm following you right away :D