Leather Jacket

faux leather bomber: Urban Outfitters $70 SALE //boyfriend shirt: Madewell // black tank: CABi //necklace: Nordstrom B.P.

On Black Friday, I caved, and finally got the faux leather jacket I had been eyeing for months. Although it's a little too cold to be wearing anything but a down jacket in Seattle right now, I've managed to sport it a total of 2 times in public. Oh, spring, why can't you be here any sooner?


sweatshirt said...

These look great and I must have one. I wonder if they are available in 100% cotton?

AllyM said...

I've been loving my leather jacket recently!!!!

Thank you so much for the well wishes on getting better--I'm just in pain and in bed for the next few weeks, but your comments really do brighten my day! Thank yoU!


Justine said...

can't wait to see it

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