Merry Christmas+10 Things To Do Tomorrow


Merry Christmas, to all my friends on Blogger! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, filled with food, relaxation, and time spent with loved ones.

For tomorrow, here is a list of 10 things you can do the day after Christmas:
  1. Relax: be a couch potato,  read a book, and/or watch movies all day!
  2. Go shopping/return stuff: there are going to be a ton of after-Christmas sales, one being the men's half-yearly sale at Nordstrom!
  3. Take down decorations/clean up: though it may be sad to see the holiday spirit go, cleaning up now, will be better than cleaning up after a long day at work next week.
  4. Exercise/burn some calories
  5. Organize your new gifts
  6. Go to church
  7. Do a DIY project (there are a bunch of cool ones on Pinterest!)
  8. Write thank-you cards
  9. Post about the previous day on your blog
  10. Go out to eat
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Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to be doing about almost all of these tomorrow. Especially the returns. The great/worst thing about having blunt brothers is that they tell you immediately if they do/don't like a gift, so I'm going to have to return some and get some gift cards tomorrow, haha.

Merry Christmas!
- Sharon