Second Best


While shampooing and conditioning on a daily basis may feel like a nice thing to do, it can actually be very damaging to your hair. Several of you may be hesitant to give up this luxury because you refuse to sport the "greasy" look. Well, from personal experience, wearing second-day hair "up" can minimize, if not completely eliminate this unwanted look.

If the classic ponytail isn't cutting it for you, check out the following tutorials I scouted on Pinterest:


Justine said...

I usually wash my hair every night. I know it's bad for me, but I hate the oily look even if it is only slightly. I noticed sometimes it even makes my face a bit oilier too!

Becca and Derek said...

I go 3 days on a hair wash. Usually its up in a bun by the 2nd day, so I will have to try these! I worship dry shampooOoo!