Winter Nail Picks


Each year, there are a handfull of shades that are deemed the title of "Most Popular [insert season here] Nail Colors". Sometimes, in order to have a better sense of uniqueness, the best thing to do is to choose your own "top" colors, which is what I have done here:

1. Cool Hues: 'For Audrey' China glaze, 'Navy' F21, 'Lincoln Park After Dark' OPI
2. Warm Tones: 'Valentine' Revlon, 'Broadway Burgundy' N.Y.C.
3. Glitter: 'Only Gold For Me' SEPHORA by OPI, Iridescent and Silver from F21


Becca and Derek said...

OMG. I was going to pain my toes today and this is perfect! Woo! Thanks for helping me out-again!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love all of those polishes. I'm obsessed with the glitter ones! <333


lrnshelby said...

Lovely colors! I especially like the baby blue and all the glitter ones!

AllyM said...

You have the best nail polish. I'm planning on making my mom treat me to a mani and pedi! Haha! Just flew home, so naturally I plan on being spoiled before the rest of the family comes in!!

I've already decided that one day we will meet. I have a friend that lives in Seattle and Kelsey and I want to visit. Don't know when, but we will meet and be bffs. It just has to happen!

Ps. I found your blog around this time last year!!!


Celia said...

The Sephora by OPI polish looks sooo gorgeous x

Monica said...

Glitter polish is my favorite. This post just reminded me to paint my nails, they're been bare for too long.


Le Chic World said...

Beautiful! love these colours xo