One of my favorite songs of Taylor Swift's is "Fifteen". Not surprisingly, I have found a million ways in which I can relate to it. I, too, met a few of my best friends, and even dreamt of being noticed by a senior boy. My biggest worry was who I would sit with at lunch, and the Hollister Co. website was my homepage. If I could go back and give myself 10 pieces of advice, here is what I would say:

1. Hold your friends close. They'll save your life when it comes to surviving high school.
2. Just because you've never been in a relationship, doesn't mean you aren't smart, pretty, or funny.
3. Don't take tough teachers for granted, and get as much as you can from their classes. You'll be thankful for this while in college.

4. No matter how discouraged you get, don't give up on your dreams. You'll eventually achieve them.
5. Be kind to everyone you meet. No matter what.
6. Go out and do things. Now is the time to be wild and carefree.
7. Stop wearing that lipgloss. You lips look like a disco ball.
8. When in doubt, be yourself.
9. No one is going to judge you if you skip a day of wearing makeup.
10. And last but not least: "You are prettier than you look. Smarter than you think. Stronger than you feel. Wiser than you know." -R

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kelly @ paper doll theory said...

love this post! that is great advice.

love kelly