Hair We Go Again


I'm a big fan of at-home hair care rituals that require little to no effort. Call me lazy, but I'd rather not put extra time into something that can be done in as little as 5 minutes. That said, I've discovered several products that I can quickly use while in the shower and during my daily routine. Here they are in detail:

1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (see my review for this product here)
2. L'oreal Eversleek deep conditioner --I alternate between this one, and #1.
3. Goody headbands --waaay sturdier than the ones from Forever 21. And they're cheap!
4. Goody clear elastic hair ties --these are perfect for side braids, and won't snag your hair.
5. Conair Infiniti ceramic curling iron --has a high heat setting that allows you to get Taylor Swift-esque waves in minutes.
6. GVP straightener --the perfect CHI knock-off. This product also has a high heat setting.
7. L'Occitane volumizing shampoo --made with natural ingredients for clean and healthy hair.
8. Not pictured: Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal --basically Argan oil, a product that makes your hair smoother. Use very sparingly, as your hair can get greasy from it.


Girlie Blogger said...

I love the Aussie conditioner. It works.

Doux Rousse said...

I love Argan oil. I put a pure, organic form on everything: hair, nails, hands, body... It's a cure-all!

Doux Rousse

Rachel said...

I love L'Occitaine, I really want to try their Shea Butter Conditioner!

smk053078 said...

I wish I could figure out how to use that curling iron without burning my fingers!

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Carolyn said...

i've been trying to find a good oil for my hair, i'll check that soy renewal one out!

Swtest2Lips said...

Love that You Curl curler! Its the only curler that can curl my stick straight-uncurl-able hair! Best 30 dollar investment ever!

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

i've been looking for a good leave in conditioner. might have to try your suggestions. :)

love kelly