Dainty Rings


Something I've been eying lately is The Dainty Ring (TDR). Though it may not be the boldest accessory, TDR gives off an elegant and ladylike vibe, something I consider to be a refreshing change, perfect for springtime.

A few of my favorite styles have come from Catbird NYC, and Carla Caruso.


Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

All of these rings are beautiful :) I'm usually into statement rings, but maybe I should try something like these :) gorgeous!

Alex said...

SO cute! I love the knot and the top heart rings! I've been looking for a good go-to ring to wear constantly instead of always trying to chose a statement ring to wear with my outfit. This seems like the solution!

Allison Young said...

i love them too!! i have been seeing a bunch of them lately!


Raquel said...

Oooo i love these!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love this look!!! And I love Catbird so much! Thank you for sharing your favorites :)


Justine said...

Love them! They're so simply and classy.

Trina Mock said...

These are so cute!


Bethany said...

I always love a love knot. The Autumn Equinox one from Etsy is so perfect, thanks for the link!