Nail Polish Storage


Over the years, I've acquired a ridiculous amount of nail polish. After experimenting with several methods of storage, from makeup bags to dresser drawers, I've found the best way to be something I had  all along in my closet: a shoebox. The wide opening allows you to quickly fish out the bottle you are looking for without too much fuss.

A suggestion from my friend K: Wrap your shoebox in a recycled paper bag from the grocery store, flipped inside out. Finish the look with hot-gluing a pretty ribbon to the lid.


cleverandcatchy said...

so funny i took pictures of my nail polish storage today! just posted about it.

i need to see mine or else i end up buying doubles :x i cant resist a new pretty color. i feel it can just brighten a day, or an outfit!

Mimi said...

that's a really great idea! i think i have a couple of shoeboxes to spare -- thanks for this! :)

<3, Mimi

Lisa H. said...

That's actually a really great idea! I have so many empty shoe boxes that's just taking up space. Thanks for the tip!


Girlie Blogger said...

This is a good idea. Much better than what I am doing, which is having my bottles all over the place.

Diva Naomi Addy said...

Lovely Idea, i get mine in a jar so i can see them all and very easy to choose from.
Glad i come across your blog!!!

Lexi said...

I have more nail polish than I know what to do with! I think I'll try to cover a box.
♡ Lexi
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Jen said...

This is exactly what I do too!

Baby Meg said...

Oh, I am jealous, I wish that I had a collection like this!

Justine said...

Nice collection! I use a shoe box as well, but mine is a kid shoe box since I don't have as many bottles as you. Have you ever thought of standing your nail polishes up? I heard it help keeps the nail polish.

Simone said...

Great idea!!

Have a lovely day & kisses from Austria,

Haute Eyes said...

I love me some bright polish!! Love the color on your toesies!! Would love for you to checkout my latest posts and participate in my giveaway!! Follow me, I follow you?!