Shades of Summer


This summer, I've been all about citrus-inspired shades, hot pinks, and bright blues on my nails. If you're ever having trouble deciding on a single color (this holds true for me... all the time!), here's a tip: try experimenting with two or more different colors. Paint an accent nail, or every two fingers a different color.

Some colors I recommend:
-'Peachy Keen' China Glaze
-'Flip Flop Fantasy' China Glaze
-'For Audrey' China Glaze (not pictured)
-'Strawberry Electric' Revlon (not pictured)
-'Mellow Yellow' Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (not pictured)


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I never thought I would be saying this, but, I have moved over to the dark side. I now have an iPhone. After thinking about it for several months, I felt that this was a change that needed to be made in my life. As a person who is frequently out and about for school and internship purposes, I felt like my lack of internet connection prevented me from doing a lot of things: blogging, doing research for homework assignments, and navigating my way through the roads of Western Washington to see clients.

I know that it's possible to be without a smart phone, as I've done so for several years. However, being able to do what used to be, "really complicated stuff", with just the click of a button is... magical. This is all a luxury and can be lived without-- I know. However, living in the 21st century with a quickly advancing technological world, we might as well soak it up if, and when we can.

So, if you're wondering: Yes, I love having an iphone, and I highly recommend it.

What do you think of smart phones? In your opinion, are they helpful, or detrimental?

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Fashion Rack


Just a week and a half ago, my roommates and I moved out of our overpriced apartment, and into the cozy top floor of a house. It had been recently remodeled, with a brand new kitchen, and other fix-ups. Our new place was much better than our last place, not only because of everything that had been re-modeled, and the price, but the location had a lot more to offer.

Despite all the benefits, I'm going to be honest, and say that during the first two weeks, I didn't really want to be here; not because I disliked the packing and unpacking process of moving, but because I'm the type of person who likes to stay in one spot for a really long time. There is just something about being in a familiar space that gives me comfort.

Since I wasn't able to change the situation, I decided to make the best of it. I decorated my room a little nicer than usual, and got a fashion rack! I was really excited for this, because I knew it was going to be great way to find inspiration, and make me want to be at my new place more.

fashion rack: Bed Bath and Beyond //hangers: IKEA //purse: Michael Kors ( // front shirt: Urban Outfitters

the prettiest shoes I have ever seen (courtesy of my lovely boyfriend): Nine West