Denim Days


denim jacket: Paris Blues via TJ Maxx $16 //striped shirt: Banana Republic //leggings: HUE //nail polish: 'Big Apple Red' via OPI //watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom

In 8th grade, one of my favorite things to wear was a Roxy wool-lined denim jacket. I eventually grew out of it, style wise, and stowed it in my closet to remain as a keepsake. From then on, I never thought I would be as obsessed with another denim item (besides jeans) ever again. That is, until this past year, where I fell in love with the look all over again after learning about how jean jackets could be incorporated to my style as an adult.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

Ahhhh jean is like my new obsession! I found myself wanting to through on my jean/chambray button up last weekend with every outfit! Perfect!


Lisa said...

I'm so happy jean jackets aren't going away any time soon! :)

The Lovely Memoir

Justine said...

I love it. I so hate myself -- I gave up TWO of my jean jackets ._.

Estherina said...

Love the way you've paired the denim jacket.

Step into Estherina's World

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the denim and stripes!

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Neche said...

I personally love Denim Jackets. nice stripe. I wonder what shoes you wore

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Kayla said...

I totally remember that jean jacket with the lining! I was so envious of it in middle school! haha!!

Lalli said...

Hi Sweet shirt, thank you for vising my blog, I already follow you on google and bloglovin, thank you for doing the same!

Aub said...

I love denim jackets and stripes :)