Combat Boots and Colored Denim

combat boots: Steve Madden 'Troopa' via Nordstrom-- available at TJ Maxx for $60//jeans: Urban Outfitters

I haven't taken back-to-school shopping seriously since my freshman year of college, mostly because my style and height have been pretty consistent. However, when there are fall trends like colored denim and combat boots to swoon over, I make an effort to search for good deals.

Tips regarding trends in general:
  • Remember the golden rule: 70% of your closet should consist of year-round classics, while only 30% or less should be dedicated to trendy items.
  • Considering how trends come and go often, unless you absolutely have to (actually, not even then), never splurge on trendy items.
*Thank you to my friend, S, for being such a great model.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

Love this post and S looks adorable in that outfit. Definitely a fan of the combat boots + colored denim. You can't go wrong! Ps I nominated you for the versatile blogger award over on my blog because you {and your blog} are completely awesome and amazing! I look forward to reading your posts every time I see them:) I hope you have a great weekend love!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Good rules to follow. Thanks for your input.
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Megan Ann said...

This is the perfect look for the fall. I love the color of those jeans!

Following you.

xo, Megan

indie flower

ellen. said...

love boots- esp rugged combat boots- fun with jeans and dresses with tights- love em! :)

For All Things Lovely said...

Cute blog! xo.

Lalli said...

great outfit, great jeans color!!